9/11 Family Denied New Inquest by UK Attorney General, Will Seek Judicial Review

We are sorely disappointed and saddened to report that last week, after nearly two years of waiting, the family of Geoff Campbell received the bitter news that the UK Attorney General has refused their application for a fresh inquest into Geoff’s death in the North Tower on 9/11. You can read the AG’s letter here.

The family of Geoff Campbell, a British citizen who died in the September 11 attacks, released the following statement on the 6th of July 2023:

On the 11th of September 2001, our beloved son and brother, Geoff Campbell, was murdered in the destruction of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

Geoff was just 31 years old, was recently engaged to be married to the love of his life, and was pursuing a promising career as an IT risk analyst.

Ever since, we have been seeking answers to why Geoff died. Through our rigorous research, we have come across abundant and persuasive evidence indicating that the North Tower was destroyed not by the impact of the airplane but by pre-planted explosives and incendiaries.

Therefore, in August 2021, we submitted a 2,500-page application to then-Attorney General Suella Braverman, seeking her authority, under the Coroners Act 1988, to apply to the High Court for a fresh inquest. Geoff’s original inquest in 2013 had reached the conclusion that the impact of the airplane caused the North Tower’s collapse, and it is this finding that we aim to overturn.

Last week, after nearly two years of waiting, we received the very disappointing news that Solicitor General Michael Tomlinson, acting on behalf of Attorney General Victoria Prentis, refused our request for the Attorney General’s authority to apply to the High Court for a fresh inquest.

We are deeply saddened by this decision and appalled by the unlawful and irrational reasoning given by Solicitor General Tomlinson.

The Solicitor General contends that it was “reasonable” for the coroner to rely on the findings of the FBI and the 9/11 Commission. But reasonableness is not the applicable legal test. Rather, it is sufficiency. The coroner at Geoff’s original inquest heard no evidence whatsoever that is capable of supporting the conclusion that the impact of the airplane caused the North Tower’s collapse. Legally speaking, to state a conclusion for which no evidence was considered is the very epitome of “insufficiency of inquiry.”

The Solicitor General also argues that the expert and eyewitness evidence of pre-planted explosives is “unlikely” to yield a different conclusion. Yet the law on this matter is clear: We are not required to prove that a different conclusion is likely in order to be granted a fresh inquest — only that a different conclusion is possible. The refusal of our application on this ground is in direct contravention of the law.

Furthermore, the Solicitor General irrationally claims that the expert and eyewitness evidence of pre-planted explosives would not “make a meaningful difference to the verdict, or shed further light on how the deceased came about his death.” No reasonable decision-maker would make such an illogical statement. Indeed, the expert and eyewitness evidence he refers to directly contradicts the conclusion of the original inquest. Thus, this new evidence would obviously make a meaningful difference to the verdict and would shed further light on how Geoff came about his death.

The Solicitor General also irrationally asserts that assessing whether the Twin Towers collapsed due to pre-planted explosives is “beyond the scope of an inquest.”

In fact, evaluating expert and eyewitness evidence related to the destruction of the Twin Towers is well within the responsibilities and capabilities of any UK coroner, whose task in every case is to examine in a “full, fair and fearless” inquiry all facts and circumstances that may show what caused any given death. This statement by the Solicitor General is unlawful and irrational because it is not within a “reasonable range of responses” to the fresh evidence we presented.

The Attorney General’s incoherent refusal of our application is a miscarriage of justice and a cruel obstruction of our search for the truth about Geoff’s death. Therefore, we will seek judicial review of the Attorney General’s legally deficient decision before the three-month deadline of September 27, 2023.

We ask for the public to support our legal challenge of the Attorney General’s decision as we endeavor to establish, in a court of law, the truth about how Geoff, along with thousands of other innocent souls, met his death on September 11th 2001.

Maureen Campbell
Malcolm Campbell
Matt Campbell
Rob Campbell

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