March for 9/11 Science on Saturday, April 22 in Denver

Action Alert!

March for Science in Denver this Saturday
April 22, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Civic Center Park

This Saturday, marches are being held around the country in response to the administration’s decreased support for scientific research. 
Science denial applies to 9/11.

The march is an opportunity to highlight the scientific evidence for controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center towers (Buildings 1, 2, and 7).     

What can you do?
Gather your truth-friendly friends, make signs, and show up for the science of 9/11 truth! There will be no coordinated meeting spot due to the large numbers expected.

Ideas for Signs and Banners
Science denial applies to 9/11.  Ask me why.
Science not silence! Investigate 9/11. NIST
Science doesn’t lie!
Real science proves controlled demolition on 9/11. NIST
Scientific evidence for 9/11 demands justice!
Did you know a 3rd building fell on 9/11?
World peace depends on the science of 9/11.
Science denial applies to 9/11!  NIST

Why add a website to these signs?
A website contains both information and an action for people to take.  Suggested websites include:

NIST  A website for National Institute of Standards and Technology scientists and whistleblowers that exposes the scientific errors in the final NIST report on the collapses of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.

Colorado 9/11 Truth That’s us! Contains numerous links and information on Colorado actions.

9/11 Truth Action Project (911TAP)  This is a new organization that is working to build a global grassroots 9/11 truth movement.

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth  I think we all know this one!

Rethink 9/11  A website from Architects and Engineers that’s easy to remember. Good for signs and banners.

For more information on the March for Science, see

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