Boulder Weekly Shows Guts in Publishing 9/11 Truth Letter

We applaud the Boulder Weekly, an independent newspaper in Boulder, Colorado, for recently publishing a letter to the editor criticizing their lack of coverage of 9/11 truth. Here’s the letter, which was printed on December 10, 2015.

Who is the real censor?

It’s a shame that Tim Redmond’s recent article on Project Censored [Re: “Project Censored,” Nov. 12] chose to start out by denigrating the 9/11 truth movement. Mr. Redmond states that the current authors of Project Censored “have veered at times into the world of conspiracies and 9/11 ‘truther’ folks.”

By “truther folks,” I wonder if Mr. Redmond is referring to the 220 senior U.S. military and intelligence officers, law enforcement veterans and government officials who have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report or have made public statements that contradict that report. Or perhaps he’s referring to the 2,393 licensed architects and engineers who are demanding a new investigation into the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers since the official story defies the most basic laws of physics. (See www.ae911truth. org). Or maybe “truther folks” include the thousands of firefighters, scientists, pilots, doctors and other professionals who question the official story.

It’s especially shameful that a supposedly independent journalist, writing about media censorship, himself discounts any story associated with the word “conspiracy.” Isn’t the government’s story that 9/11 was perpetrated by “19 Arab terrorists” under the control of Osama Bin Laden itself a conspiracy theory?

Volumes have been written, including peer-reviewed scientific articles, disproving the government’s version of the events of 9/11, yet 14 years later, media censorship remains the primary obstacle to educating the public about the available science surrounding 9/11. Truth movement advocates have requested that Boulder Weekly examine and write about this evidence, but the response to date has been silence. Perhaps Mr. Redmond and Boulder Weekly would do well to look under their own hood when it comes to the suppression of information, which, as the founder of Project Censored stated, “prevents the public from fully knowing what is happening in the world.”

 Marti Hopper/Boulder