Fran Shure’s Newest Essay – Part 24: Propaganda: How Do We Recognize It?

This is the latest installment in the series of essays entitled “Why Do Good People Become Silent–or Worse–About 9/11?”

This essay will be the final one on the subject of the media. It provides a list of propaganda techniques so we can better recognize the red flags of propaganda. It addresses many contemporary issues, such as the “Durham Report” and “The Censorship-Industrial Complex” discovered through the Twitter Files.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“People like to be aligned with their community and, instead of questioning, tend to default to what others in their circle of influence believe and are doing. Most people find it extremely difficult to stand alone in questioning official narratives. But knowing truth can be a matter of life and death. . . .

“I strive to be an equal-opportunity critic across the political spectrum and across several sensitive contemporary areas of concern such as 9/11, Covid-19, the Ukraine war, climate change, and election manipulation.”


Note: The views in this essay represents those of the author and not necessarily those of Colorado 9/11 Truth.

Part 24: The Role of the Media — Propaganda: How Do We Recognize It?

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