Video of Cynthia McKinney’s Presentation

In this Zoom presentation Cynthia McKinney uses the Peter Dale Scott paradigm to examine “SARS-CoV-2 as a Deep State Event and the Connections with 9/11.” Part A is the main presentation and Part B is the Q&A. The links that participants shared in the chat are below these videos. Enjoy!

Here are the links that participants shared on the chat:

Carol Brouillet: DOJ says there is no law in the USA- Lisa Manookian:

David Chandler: Covid Concerns list of information:

Cynthia McKinney:

Timothy Michel:

Gregg Roberts:*


Fran Shure: The book I mentioned regarding UK whistleblowers advising the UK and other governments to create fear in populations to get the behavior they want (lockdowns, masks, vaccinations): A State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth:

Lou Wolf: CovertAction Magazine: “Philip Agee as a Model for Whistleblowers and Dissidents” Our keynote speakers were Daniel Ellsberg and Colonel (retired) Ann Wright: