“When Psychologists Torture, Our Heads Spin”_Frances Shure_Letter for Journal of 9-11 Truth_2016

For the 15th anniversary of 9/11, the Journal of 9/11 Studies published several Letters from 9/11 Truth researchers and activists. One of these was written by Coloradan Frances Shure titled “When Psychologists Torture, Our Heads Spin.”  This one can be found in our Downloads section for your convenience. The full list below can be found at the Journal of 9/11 Studies.


“Why I Wrote Another 9/11 Book” by David Ray Giffin

“Connecting the Dots of 9/11: How I Learned that Peace May Never Be Achieved” by Robert McIlvaine

“Dick Cheney, John Yoo, and COG on 9/11” by Peter Dale Scott

“Implications of September 11 Flight Transponder Activity” by Aidan Monaghan

“Why I Don’t Speak of 9/11 Anymore” by Edward Curtin

“Are the Events of 9-11 Still of Central Importance to a Climate-Stricken World?” by Elizabeth Woodworth

“Legal Action” by William Veale

“Response to the Letter The Pentagon Attack in Context: A Reply to John Wyndham” John Wyndham

“When Psychologists Torture, Our Heads Spin,” by Frances Shure

Frances Shure_Letter for Journal of 9-11 Studies_When Psychologists Torture