Fran Shure’s Latest Essays: Parts 23A and 23B–Propaganda and Censorship in the Media

Why Do Good People Become Silent–or Worse–About 9/11?  

Here are the latest two installments in the series of essays by Fran Shure entitled Why Do Good People Become Silent-or Worse-About 9/11?

These essays address the escalation of propaganda and censorship in media broadly as well as their parallels to 9/11.

Note: The views in these essays represent those of the author and not necessarily those of Colorado 9/11 Truth.

Part 23A: The Role of the Media — The Structure of the Media: What Happened to the Legacy Media?

Part 23B: The Role of the Media — The Structure of the Media: Digital Media and “Warp-Speed” Censorship in the Covid Era

The entire series of Fran’s articles can be found at

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