Fran Shure Interviewed Regarding 9/11 Existential Questions

Interview on The Darkened Hour

Richard Cox, Adam Fitzgerald, and Fran Shure grapple with 9/11 existential questions. Listen to the interview at

 1) When confronted with information that threatens to shatter our worldview, how do we navigate between resistance and “conspiracy psychosis”?

2) Is it healthy to ground ourselves in uncertainty rather than certainty?

3) How important is constructive communication in activism?

4) Are competing 9/11 theories “manufactured” and harmful to the movement?

5) How do we come to grips with the multiple layers of apathy in our nation?

6) How do we get our heads around the “psychopathic mindset”?

7) How important is a strong spiritual understanding to be able to become aware of the darkness in our world and remain grounded in relative equanimity?

The Darkened Hour hosts interviews with leading experts in their fields relating to the 9/11 attacks. It is a platform where the more intricate details of September 11, 2001, are discussed rationally and without prejudice. The primary objective is to help the listener to come to their own conclusions from the information, rather than be told what to believe.

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