New Essay: The Special Role of the CIA in Global Media, Popularly Known as “Operation Mockingbird”

Why Do Good People Become Silent–or Worse–About 9/11?
Part 22: The Role of the Media — Act II: Operation Mockingbird


Fran Shure, M.A., L.P.C., co-founder of Colorado 9/11 Truth, has written a series of articles for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( entitled Why Do Good People Become Silent – or Worse – About 9/11? 

Click on the title below to read her latest installment as it appears on the AE911Truth website.

Part 22: The Role of the Media — Act II: Operation Mockingbird

All 21 of Fran’s earlier articles may also be found on the AE911Truth website in the right-hand column.

Once we understand how entangled the CIA and Pentagon are in our media, can we still wonder why the corporate media and most of the foundation-funded alternative media will not touch the 9/11 evidence that clearly shows we’ve been lied to about that day?

To be sure you follow the story of how and why there is no meaningful distinction between the CIA, the Pentagon, and much of the global media, a good way to approach this essay is to read the entire text first and then go back to view the videos that were added by the editors. Especially recommended are “The Company and the Country: A Conversation with Philip Agee,” and the classic “Secret Wars of the CIA” by John Stockwell.



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