American Empire to Air this Saturday on Colorado Public Television Channel 12

New Documentary to Air on CPT12 

Colorado Public Television presents another world broadcast premier of a breakthrough independent documentary.

American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness
Saturday, September 17, 2016
7:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time
Colorado Public Television, Channel 12

The broadcast will be live streamed at—An-Act-Of-Collective-Madness&series=375374279

From the founding of the Federal Reserve to the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington, who controls this country? This film is an indictment of our country’s values, including its military industrial complex, its economy controlled by a system of debt and inflation, and the usurping of our natural resources. These actions have affected our economy, our food, our health, and our very freedom.

Filmmaker Patrea Patrick joins Shari Bernson with Rebecca Stevens in the CPT12 studio for the pledge event.

Volunteers from Colorado 9/11 Truth ( be on the phone bank to take your calls.

Also appearing in the studio will be Earl Staelin, Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Public Banking Institute, who will address what Public Banking is and local efforts to create city, county, and state-owned banks.

For more information and live stream viewing, go to—An-Act-Of-Collective-Madness&series=375374279

The Demolition of Truth is still available for streaming from CPT12!

THE DEMOLITION OF TRUTH: PSYCHOLOGISTS EXAMINE 9/11 saw its broadcast premier on Colorado Public Television in August. The broadcast is still available for viewing at

This documentary presents testimony from highly credentialed scientists, engineers, and military experts. The evidence is interwoven with analyses by social scientists who examine the psychological impact of 9/11 and the phenomena that have kept us blinded to truths too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves.

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