Video – Monthly Meeting: Frank Legge’s Hypothesis About the Pentagon Attack

Notice:  In one of our monthly meetings, we showed this talk by Frank Legge.  We neglected to post this announcement, so we are not sure of the date it was shown. Frank passed away on October 20, 2016. A tribute to him by Kevin Ryan is here.

From “The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009,” Sydney, Australia, on November 14, 2009, a detailed presentation by Frank Legge of his “Double Negative Pentagon Hypothesis” was given.

Frank states: “The scientific hypothesis of the paper is that there is NO scientific proof that a Boeing 757 did NOT hit the Pentagon. I contend that this is a scientific exercise. I have looked for evidence that a Boeing 757 could not have hit the Pentagon and have not be able to find any that stood up to scrutiny. I further contend that this hypothesis still stands.”

Here is a video of that talk: